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25 January 2010

Jacq's books of 2010 (Part 2)

9. Hunter's Prayer - Lillith Saintcrow
10. Coyote's Mate - Lora Leigh
11. Bengal's Heart - Lora Leigh
12. Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken
13. Street Machine - Christine Feehan
    ^There are one or two more, but they were stolen by the monster under my bed, and I can't be bothered searching for them right this second.

    The list so far... 


      Rachel said...

      Are you including the books you are re-reading or only new ones? - Rat.

      obsidiantears83 said...

      Hi Rachel,

      I still wasnt sure if I should keep them all on the same page or not. Rather than deciding, I just continued counting, and faded the ones listed previously. But I am thinking of having a master list, and linking it to all new updates - that way all I need to do is add the new ones.

      If I have reread something, it is being included twice. It still counts as reading a book, and I reread my books a lot. Approximately 4 out of 5 of the books I read weekly are rereads. I'm not sure if you have kept a tally of yours, but do you list reread books?

      obsidiantears83 said...

      I'm curious now - I never thought of _not_ including them LOL

      Rachel said...

      I started a list for this year because I saw that you did. It seemed like an interesting way of looking at my book habits. My list is in the back of a notebook and I have been adding rereads just with an asterisk to the side.

      Rachel said...

      Plus I wanted to see how many books we shared the same since we like the same sort of books so much. It will probably get interesting in a couple of months or so.

      obsidiantears83 said...

      You're right, it will be interesting to compare what we read... If you want to keep a list online, I can make you an author here if you want? Then you can keep a log on this blog... I hardly ever update mine, and my other friends who will be doing so are either slower readers or studying, so there is no presure, per say LOL just an idea.. and it would be eaiser to compare what we are reading :) And if you ever visit sydney, i am kidnapping you and hauling you to Galaxy... a wall of PR & UF book! (more paranormal than urban though LOL) - we also have a book club there once a month, which is how I have been getting most of my reccomendations these days... Its a lot of fun :D it involves tim tams, gossip, books and on occassions, actual honest to god authors LOL

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