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14 January 2010

Nalini Sign Signing!! Yeay!

Nalini Singh will be at my Paranormal Romance Bookclub tonight! I swear the best thing I ever did was move to Sydney! Just got all the shenanigans involving Galaxy LOL So far I met Sherrilyn Kenyon (I swear I was ready to swoon.. hehe I got a hug! and she loved my jewellery and the fact that our outfits matched LOL) and Rachel Caine and Tracey O'Hara, and now, the first signing for the new year is Nalini Singh! I've read her Psy series, and dragged Lillian and Linda to bookclub the week we discussed her work, and got Lill hooked. ;-p I think it’s fantastic that authors from down under (New Zealand is still "down under" as far as I am concerned) like Nalini Singh and Tracey O’Hara are doing it big overseas – Australians & New Zealanders appear to mostly get recognition on their own soil. Anyway, I'm getting my copy of Branded by Fire signed! It was hard choosing which book, and - this is so bizarre - Lill sent down a book to see if I can get Nalini to sign it for her - out of all the books, guess which one she chose? You got it... Branded by Fire :D

Anyways all very excited!!

I also got my rewards voucher in the mail yesterday... so I have to find $100 worth of books to purchase... shudder to thing how much money I spent to get such a big reward! But I love it, so it’s worth it!!! *happy dance* I'm not sure what I am buying yet... I have Christine Feehan's Street Game on hold, and I think I am tempted to get Charles de Lint's Mystery of Grace... However, its in hardcover and $50, and the paperback is due out in a few months *le sigh* This is going to be HARD!! I have too many books I want, and I KNOW I will get to the store and not be able to choose any to buy. Oh, actually... I just got into Lilith Saintcrow, so I want to pick up a few of those. It will still be difficult to spend $100 - I know I will be either one book too short or too many!! :D joy!!!!!!!!!

I'll blog after I meet Nalini tonight!! *squeee*

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