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27 January 2010

Which international authors should I try?

I am doing the Global Challenge for 2010, where I have to read 12 books from different countries on the continents (2 per continent). I am fine for Australasia, Europe and North and Central America, but off the top of my head, I can't think of authors I want to read from South America, Africa or Asia. I may finally get around to reading Art of War by Sun Tzu but I need some suggestions or advice for the others. I tend to read fantasy, science fiction, paranormal romance, some horror, mysteries, classics and gothic romance. I don’t like books filled full of bigotry (I tend to throw them aside in disgust) or survival stories. I know a number of books set in these countries, but they aren’t written by authors local to the environs.

Do you have any recommendations?


Jovenus said...

For Asia, there is many selection: Try Haruki Murakami as a fantasy reader like you are you might like his books, or Jhumpa Lahiri, many others. There are many good Indian writers like "God of the Small thing" Arundathi Roy, Q&A aka Slumdog Millionaire, Vikram Seth, that you could look out for.

I plan to read Gabriel Marquez's "Love in the time of Cholera" or "100 hundred Solutitude"
For Africa you can try Tahir Shah's travelogue on Morocco in "Caliph's House" or "Arabian nights", a meaningful read would be Moroccan's very own Tahar Ben Jelloun whose books "The blinding absence of light" is awe inspiring and his books are mostly very short and nice.

"Half of the Yellow Sun" is also a good book on Nigeria.

If there is any help, check my blog for ideas?

obsidiantears83 said...

Oh, I think I've heard of Haruki Murakami before. I will see if they have any at my local boutique bookstore.

I've been focusing my thinking too much on Asia that I hadnt given much thought yet to Africa, but suddenly it is March and I realise I havent decided on my books yet. For the other continents I am being selective because I read mostly western novels, and mostly from specific genres. I'm taking this challenge to expand my horizons, so I guess I had better start doing so :D Thankyou for your reccomendations! I will look into them.

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