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12 January 2010

Gem from Booktagger

One of the first things I do when I buy a book is remove the sticker. Good stickers come off clean, bad ones leave an awful residue. I feel like I've picked up a book trade secret today.Eucalyptus oil wafted under my nose while I was at Abbey's receiving desk at the back. Expecting the smell of books I was puzzled and said so. To which I was informed by knowing eyes how wonderfully well eucalyptus oil works in removing price tags and adhesives in general. I was then warned not to use it to clean keyboards as others had gotten carried away with its cleaning power to only find it has an unwanted effect on plastics. They melt.Next time you're looking to remove a sticker from a book use eucalyptus oil, just be careful to not use it on CD covers or I've been told.

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