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12 January 2010

book snake?

jacq reposting from her old blog

Okay, firstly, I have to have a little laugh..

I just had this reply posted on twitter. I cracked up laughing ;-p The thing is, I’m a bookwyrm these days.. actually, I have been since the age of 11. I hoard books like a dragon hoards its jewels… Books are my treasure. If I won the lottery I would have the best gorram library in the southern hemisphere! Because I would be buying a large house and fitting it out with wall to wall, ceiling to floor shelving, in multiple rooms, with lovely little nooks to curl up with a book. Ideally with a roaring fire involved, and a bay window. And I could buy every book I have ever wanted to read! And there are just so many of them!!! I never have enough books… I'm reading anywhere from 5-10 books a week, and mostly I am rereading those I already own, as I can only afford to buy one book a week.. I would have all the classics, all the reference books I needed for my research, I would have all the trashy paperbacks, all the non-fiction, and the kids books I loved when I was younger… And I would have the full set (twenty volumes!!) of the Oxford Dictionary!! *blissful sigh* As far as I am concerned, you can NEVER have too many books. You can have not enough books of a certain type, but never too many.. You stop reading books, delving into someone else’s way of thinking, and you become static. Which to me is personally abhorrent. I always want to be growing as a person, to be seeing things from new angles and viewpoints. And no, they don’t have to be classics. Some trashy paperbacks have wonderful gems to share with us! Regardless of their medium LOL

Anyway, I was tickled pink (that is such a weird expression, don’t you think?) when I got that comment on twitter this morning, that I just had to say something LOL

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