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12 January 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon loves my earrings!

Jacq reposting from her old blog

Sherrilyn Kenyon and myself at Galaxy Bookstore last night

I met Sherrilyn Kenyon!!! Author of one of my favourite series.. She bases her series very heavily in ancient mythology.. yes, it is paranormal romance, but at the same time, they are rip roaring adventures, have some terrific characters, and are so strongly rooted in both ancient Greek, Roman, and other mythologies, as well as modern alternative cultures (mostly Goth LOL) that I cant help but be hooked. The deal with betrayal, pain, and ultimately, of hope. You have lots of monsters, and lots of lovely blades too LOL Basic premise of the Dark-Hunter series: Acheron is an ancient all powerful god (but that is secret) and Artemis wants to tie him to her. She creates the Dark Hunters – to kill the Daimons (created by Apollo, her brother) who are plaguing the human race. It involves demons form a number of pantheons and also a number of deities, and figures from history and mythology. Yes, each novel is around the relationship of two beings, but its also strongly connected to the greater story, that of good over evil, and all the shades of grey. I totally love Acheron.. who couldn’t love him.. he is a talk kickarse Goth with a heart of gold.. I actually think his book was one of the best written.. the first half is set solely in the past – answers all the riddles that are alluded to – its very well written, compelling, painful, deep, and sad.. You just want to give him a big hug, because he went through so much pain and heartache.... more than anyone should have to go through.. that level of degradation.. I think its more real, because people do have to deal with that shit… maybe not on that level, but it happens every day.. to some, every minute of ever day. I am so thankful that my parents protected me from that sort of stuff.. went out of their way to do so, to show us we were loved and cared for. I think its because they had pasts..

Anyway, I am getting distracted.. Sherrilyn Kenyon, at my favourite bookstore, Galaxy!! I waited in line for nearly an hour.. scoping out books as I progressed in the line, chatting to the people behind me.. they served champagne, tim-tams and cheese (all favourites of mine LOL) and believe me, that tray of champers kept passing by me LOL I had a chat to her publicist while I waited.. lovely lady. And then, it was my turn.. first thing she did, was comment on how cool my lace tunic was – it was hysterical, because we were wearing nearly identical outfits LOL she then noticed my earrings – they are pewter skeletal hands I got from Le Cabinet des Curiosities my favourite shop – it specialises in gothic clothes, jewellery, and stuff, as well as metal band merchandise.. then she noticed my demon head sword pendant – also from the Cabinet.. hehe so we started raving about Goth shops!! I now have more reasons to visit New Orleans – out of all the American cities, its one of the only places I have ever wanted to visit.. I’m not really interested in playing tourist in America, despite so many of my friends living there LOL She plans to visit the Cabinet next time she is in Sydney.. :D anyway, then I got a hug, and her publicist took two photos at my request.. I was on such a high that I went and stole more tim-tams and cheese before leaving LOL

Okay, she isn’t my absolute favourite author, but she is one have been reading almost constantly in the last 12 months. So I didn’t gush, or squee or anything silly.. it was laid back and causs. Just a random chat with a like minded stranger who appreciated my sense of gothic-influenced fashion, and who happens to write one of my favourite series.. it was fun, a buzz, and I am tempted to buy a second copy of that book and wrap the signed one in tissue paper and lock it away.. I should have bought a second copy to be signed, but I think I like the idea that this one is so loved that it is being read… I have enough knickknacks and keepsakes that get put on display. I don’t need any more LOL although I do keep collecting…. Anyway, it was a great day, and I got a great photo out of it.. OMG I cant believe she loves my earrings!!! Hehehe I will take photos and put them in this post later…

Anyway, i got a chat with a fav author, a hug, 2 photos, and she spelt my name correctly when she signed my copy of Acheron!!! The hilarious thing is i can’t read her writing.. i can read the "To Jacquelynne" and her signature, but not the message.. she uses so much Greek and Latin that i am wondering if it is even in English!! Although I am guessing she uses a keyboard when she is writing her novels LOL

*edit - its in ancient greek :D

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