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02 February 2010

Jacq's Books of 2010 - So Far...

This is the complete list, and will be updated as required.
I will also link the updated logs as they occur.

Book Logs:
Part I (1-8)
Part II (9-13)

The List:
  1. Night Shift - Lillith Saintcrow
  2. Branded By Fire - Nalini Singh
  3. If Angels Burn - Lynn Viehl
  4. Trader - Charles de Lint
  5. One Man's Art - Nora Roberts
  6. Magic In The Shadows - Devon Monk
  7. Branded By Fire - Nalini Singh
  8. Night Shift - Lillith Saintcrow
  9. Hunter's Prayer - Lillith Saintcrow
  10. Coyote's Mate - Lora Leigh
  11. Bengal's Heart - Lora Leigh
  12. Dragon Actually - G.A. Aiken
  13. Street Machine - Christine Feehan


    Anonymous said...

    You've gone back in time a bit - 2001? ;)

    Going pretty good so far and I love the picture you've got with it.

    obsidiantears83 said...

    Bugger! Bloody dyslexia! I fixed it, but check out the url... Can you see the first typo I fixed LOL thanks chikie!

    Isnt the pic great! I saw it and had to do something with it! Im loving the vintage look at the moment.

    Anonymous said...

    I had to look for awhile, but I see it now. Shame you can't edit the url to match.

    I think it's awesome. The whole vintage look is also what drew me, but the contrast with the two colours and the simplicity of it is excellent too. Makes it stand out.

    obsidiantears83 said...

    i know! I spent about half an hour going through all the settings twice seeing if I could. I normally delete and repost if its really wrong, but there were comments. oh well, the rss reader shows up the subject line, not the url.

    I decided that this time i wanted a more minimalist look. my blogs are always so full... and i normally use black+red, or parchment or whatever. Purple is feminine without being girly girl, and works well with white and grey as the colourscheme... plus I love this shade.

    Im really getting into the vintage scene. I could never wear it myself, it wouldnt suit my frame, but i can look! I swear that is what I spend half my time doing these days... checking out pictures on tumblr, and finding vintage/rockabilly/psychobilly/steampunk blogs to follow... its my new thing :) I even have a tumblr dedicated to it! plus, I love the silhoette art... add vintage and silhoettes, and i am hooked! the above pic also looks sexy, curvy and is of course reading LOL I love how a simple design can be so effective...

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