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12 January 2010

Be Still, My Heart

jacq reposting from her old blog

Okay, this one is for all the bibliophiles out there.. You know you can't help yourselves! You swoon at the thought of a room full of books, you dither for hours at the bookstore trying to narrow down the selection of what books you can afford to buy this time, you enhale deeply the scent of old books - that musky perfume of aged paper and old ink. You, the people who dream about books - even when you are not sleeping.. I am guilty. My biggest obsession, addiction, passion in life is books - reading them, collecting them, reading them again and again. I look at my collection and I feel an immense feeling of elation. They are old friends I can visit whenever I please.

Now, my biggest day dream is of how I will eventually house my collection. I want to renovate an old house, and dedicate one room to my books. Wall to wall shelves that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Just enough room for a bay window and a door. The furniture will be in the centre of the room (a couch, 2 comfy armchairs and a small desk - standing lamps) and there will be a windowseat in the bay window. The sole focus of that room will be books. On this note, I did some searches to see what is out there.. some of the older libraries are amazing! Trinity College and Cambridge were the most facinating.. But there was just so many pictures... I will have to go back and blog again another time - i had planned on creating kind of a scrapbook about how i wanted it designed, but i got distracted by all this whimsy... so this is the big brother to my personal library... What my library wants to be when it grows up. The abundance of books, that deep rich wood funishings, that dedication to the World of Words...

And this is more what I will be aiming to achieve..

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