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12 January 2010

Innovative Bookshelves

jacq reposting from her old blog

Following the booktagger blog, i wanted to have a look at some other innovative ideas for bookshelves.. so i did a google LOL Some of them I found quite distressing - books stacked higgletypigglety in a way that couldnt be healthy for the books.. But others I saw and loved.. At a latter stage I will make some sketches of the design I want for my future library (when i buy a house and do it up, i plan to devote a book to reading, have a studio, a study, and a room for media, as well as a vegie garden and a paddock out the back for my horse.. i plan to get a dogey cheap house in a hobbyfarm-type area - probably at the moment i am thinking townsville.. but who knows where I will end up.. it is my eventual plan tho. i had thought to build a house - i have drafted so many designs, but i thought restoring and renovating a house would have more quirks - nooks and crannies and character - and no, i have no idea when i will get around to all this! after my Masters, in any case..

I plan to have a bay window with a seat, and wall to wall, ceiling to floor, bookshelves.. It would be cheery with a fire, but that probably would heat the wall up too much, so probably some artificial heat.. anyway, any comments or suggestions, or links to other great ideas?

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