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12 January 2010

"ensorcelled" - obsidian musings

the anticipation

of a new story

the rising smell
of ink and parchment

the feel of that
crisp creamy paper

it's a drug to me
a compulsion
an addiction

it's freedom
it's seduction
it's enthrallment

it is yon bonny road
that steals away the concept of self
which winds its way
around my mind
like F√°fnir with his hoard
braiding itself into my consciousness

I wouldn't save myself if I could

instead, I feed, I feast
I devour the word-filled pages
licking my metaphoric lips
I catch every last drop
sated yet ever hungry
I crave for more

only another
ensorcelled soul
can comprehend the power of a book

© obsidiantears83 (2009)

I think i nearly captured it...

"yon bonny road" - poem quoted by J.R.R. Tolkien in his essay entitled "On Fairy Stories"..

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