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26 February 2010

The Book Pile


So it is fairly obvious that I haven't been updating my reading log. Not just because of the lack of reading log posts, but also because of the pile of books towering over my bed. There is no excuse, it is just my general pattern of behaviour. I stack my books by my bed once read, and eventually it gets too high and I need to put them back on the shelves. If I am really being productive, I will record them and put them away when there is just 5 or so (a weeks' supply) but other times... well lets just say it gets a bit scary. And I think this weekend my book pile will scare me so much I will have to do something about it. I am saying this because I just finished another book at work, and I don't think it will fit in the pile. Add to that, I don't have any plans this weekend (thank god!) so I can devote a whole two days to sleeping, reading and maybe, just maybe, updating my blogs! All the things I have had to neglect in favour of a social life. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my friends! But I like spending time by myself as well. I also need to decide how to approach book reviews here at Book Bites. I used to write really good book reviews, but these days I don't have the time to sit down and organise my thoughts and spew them onto paper (or in this case, screen). I think I need to rewrite the one on Nalini's recent book, and decided how to write future ones in a way that doesn't take much mental energy or time, nor give away spoilers. The thing is, when I was writing the Nalini review I realised that I am used to writing essays at a tertiary level, which tends to be on books we all know the endings etc. haha even this message is convoluted... I should log off and go home...

So yeah, apologies for the lack of book log updates, I think that will be fixed shortly ;-p

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