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08 February 2010

Princess of the Nerds

The Paranormal Romance book club I belong to had a Love Sucks theme in honour of Valentine's Day. I bought us all a box of chocolates from Darrell Lea (yum!) to share, and Ms S organised a quiz. There were 20 questions and our little Ms S was meant to stand over us with a ruler to keep us in line - however she went back to the counter, and even "God"  (CM LOL) telling us to shut up from behind the stacks didn’t help keep order. Anyway, we took our time answering them. Some questions were really easy, others not so much. Others just gave me blonde moments. If I didn’t know the answer I just made stuff up. An example of this was when I couldn’t remember the name of the author I decided that it must have been god, because according to Abrahamic traditions he has ultimate control over all things, therefore, he made the author write the series, and thus was in all reality, the ultimate author LOL Yes, I talk a lot of crap. You don’t want to know my other answers - they are just as bizarre! Anyway, there was much to do whilst they tried to mark the quiz, and in the end it was decided that 4 of us had tied (Ms M, Ms D, Ms ... and myself). So they had to make up new questions.... These were a lot harder, but there were only 5 of them LOL Ms M and I tied, and then we had a sudden death round. We had three questions, and for the third, I was the first one to say that Quin was Sookie’s weretiger :D So I WON!!! *crazy dance of surprised victory* Yes, I was surprised the whole time. I honestly didn’t expect to win. I have the worse memory, and I looked at a lot of questions and just went blank. Like I couldn’t remember Orlando Bloom was Legolas (!) - like I said, I went blank - luckily for that one, I remembered before they end of the quiz LOL However, I DID NOT remember that Tin Tin’s dog was Snowy, a fact I am kicking myself over, because I was addicted for about a decade. Added to that, Ms S admitted later that if I had have answered that correctly, I would have won the first round and saved us all at least an hour LOL

I am the Princess of the Nerds - that is a title that had been proposed and voted on at one of my forums years ago, but I would have thought that others would have beat me! I mean, I haven’t read that much paranormal romance compared to the majority of the other bookclubees , and others, like Mr P etc are bigger fantasy/sf connoisseurs. So I was absolutely shocked! Pleasantly so, because I won a $20 gift certificate to Galaxy :D

I’m now trying to think up more questions for the other book club group's quiz this week. Yes, there are so many people for the Paranormal Romance book club they had to split into two groups! ;D And every time i bring a friend, they decide they want to move to Sydney so they can attend LOL

We also had another Irving D. Cactus photoshoot:

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