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18 February 2010


My friend Ms S (some of you may already know her or guess her identity - click the "follow" button on the side so I know is reading this LOL) is a fabulous author. I read her steampunk short story/novella (the pages weren't numbered) and was blown away. Well, she has started a new project.

We were mucking around the other night, playing with my wereleopard Rage and taking lots of photos, as you do. So when the photos were online discussions occurred on facebook, and Ms S was inspired to start a new project... And we are all in it! :D She has written 2 instalments so far, I will link you up when she has more up, but I have to say now, it is very promising! I would love to see her finish it as I think it will appeal to the Urban Fantasy readers and I am absolutely loving it!! And that isn't my ego talking. Cos frankly, every time I open my mouth I seem to give Ms S more fodder for the characterisation LOL I’m an empath called Gypsy (my online username for years because I identify with that part of my heritage) and she is called Sorrow, and Chrissi and TJ are in it as well. I want to read MORE dammit! I am such an impatient little wench! :D

I will link you up when she has more published on her blog. There is no point in all of us suffering from an out of control curiosity...

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