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27 August 2010

Funky Friday: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (UK edition)

Welcome to Funky Fridays! 
It is time we do something different to celebrate TGIF. Instead of focusing on the content of what we are reading (writing reviews, finding teasers to share, etc.), I thought I would start a meme on the covers of the books we are reading. There are some really amazing covers out there, and they really are worth sharing.

The Book Bites "Funky Friday" meme works like this:
  • Every Friday, have a look at the books you have read in the last week and choose the cover you loved the most. If you aren’t a big reader (some of us are freaks of nature) think about the last 5 books you read, and choose one from those).
  • If you know the name of the artist (it should be listed other side of the title page and is also sometimes on the back cover), please include it, so people can look into their art.  
  • Think about why you liked it. Was it because you loved the artist, the concept, the model? Or maybe it was really in keeping with the spirit of the story?
  • Find a picture of your favourite cover (scanned or online – if in doubt try and share it with us. I recommend a minimum size of 200x325 so you can see the cover clearly.
  • Tell us why you like it, what draws you to it, and tell us if it affected how you approached the book.
  • Enjoy all the pretty covers! There are so many amazing, creative, inspiring and meaningful designs floating around the traps. Friday seems like a good time to celebrate this.
  • Feel free to continue this on your own blog and share the funky Friday cover love! <3

The Book:
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (UK edition)
The Artist: 
To be advised.
The Cover:

Why I like it:
Aside from Mockingjay, I have to state that I don't really like the American covers of The Hunger Game series. I also find that the British covers are more effective of portraying what is between the covers. The one for The Hunger Games has a waif of a girl, a bit bedraggled, on the cover, with the HG logo and splatters of blood. As the book is about sending children off to play a game of "survivor" to the death, it is very apt. Catching Fire is about the Capitol's response to Katniss and unrest in the districts, and she becomes a symbol of rebellion, as does the mockingjay. I haven't read Mockingjay yet (TUESDAY!!) but as the hook at the end of Catching Fire was regarding the Thirteenth District, which was known for nuclear weaponry and is meant to be still steaming with nasty noxious vapours, I assume that this cover also represents the content of the story. So, I do have a preference for the UK covers of The Hunger Games series.

With The Hunger Game cover, I don’t find it as engaging as the following books, but I think it is effective. I think Katniss is looking a little too preppy, and she doesn’t wear that outfit in the book, but I guess it can be seen as one of her “between performances” outfits. It is important that she is wearing her mockingjay pin, a sign of rebellion and a reminder of home.
 I think the HG logo is also an important focal point of the UK covers. It ties the covers together as a series, as well as making an interesting design element. I love the font used to the title of the book. Having the contestant silhouettes as the white space in the letters, and with the distressed edges of the font. It is just awesome. Have I talked about my love/hate relationship with blood splatters before? I think they can be a really strong and interesting part of a piece of graphic art – but! – only if it is relevant to the story. If a protagonist gets a paper cut on page one of the novel, obviously blood splatters are overkill. However, if there is blood sport, a killer, or blood play (yes, there is a difference) in the novel, they are effective – as long as they are not over done or over emphasised. It is similar to having lightning on covers which contains magic. In this case, and in conjunction with all the other design elements, I think The Hunger Games, as well as Catching Fire and Mockingjay, are a successful balance. I really like these covers.

I am off to reread Catching Fire so I can be nice and refreshed on the details before buying Mockingjay next week :)

I may just have something different planned for post-Mockingjay. You will have to watch this space to find out!


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This is a depressing adventure story, not so much for the games themselves, as for the near-feudal world from which the participants are drawn. Although the games are high-adventure, the greatness of this work lies in the entire world that Collins has created.

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