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11 August 2010

Book signing today: Keri Arthur & Tracey O'Hara

The last time I met Tracy O'Hara

I am very excited! My best friend Lillian has a work conference in Sydney, so she is currently driving to Brisbane and jumping on a plane. We are catching up for one night only and it will be terrific to see her. I never get to spend any time with my Queenslander friends or family any more, as I can’t afford time off to visit. That is hard because when I was a university student, I would spend 2-3 months a year with them all, before heading back to JCU. I see people maybe a handful of days a year, which is bloody difficult. So when I can snatch little visits like this, I do. We are meeting up at Galaxy (so she can max out her credit card and add to my store reward points), and then meeting authors Tracey O’Hara and Keri Arthur. I have met Tracey before, but as she has only one PnR novel published I don’t have anything else to get signed. I had a chap book she gave me, but it is in my stack of “filing” somewhere (N.B. “filing” is another name for a desk I can no longer see through all the papers, books and cds. I really need to buy a filing cabinet – I should do my tax return so I can afford one LOL). I've also just read the first of Keri Arthur's Riley books – I had read a sea dragon one previously which I wasn’t wowed by, but I really liked what I have seen of the Riley series so far. So I have read Full Moon Rising and a short story she shared a link to on twitter. I love it that there are Australian authors in a genre that appears to be saturated by Americans. I especially love how the Riley series is actually set in Australia! After Galaxy (shhhh there will be cake!) Lillian and I are going to this awesome Japanese restaurant in the city. It looks so authentic. It has bamboo partitions, low seating in sunken floors, and the best damn beef hot pot I've ever had. I even like their sake!

I have been writing this intermittently during the day (some days I like call waiting LOL) and it is now time to dash into the city. If you will be at the signing tell one of the staff you read Zja’s blog and I will say hi ;D

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