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17 August 2010

When books attack!

I scared myself last night. My friends on twitter and facebook both laughed at me whilst commiserating, but I am really scared. I started reshelving all the books I have been reading this year as well as some of the new ones I have bought. My books are now laying face down, and instead of five books to the width of a book, there is now twenty (ten high by two deep). Even that wasn’t enough room. So I started stacking them on top of the last row of books (the books on the top shelf are vertical). Those are stacked 15 high. My main bookshelf is approximately 2 metres long, and with the books on top, it is now about 2 metres tall. It looms over my bed, reminding me of the forest in Charles de Lint’s Spirits in the Wire. I am afraid it will collapse and smother me in books whilst I sleep. You think I am joking, but my bookshelf is so FULL! And it is holding more books than it should! And then, to add to the madness, there are books precariously stacked on top of books on top of books. Want to know what is worse? I haven’t even finished! I only got about half way through my unshelved books. I have more in storage as well. I think I need to splash out and buy more bookshelves. I have 2 small ones, but they are in a similar state.

At the moment, I am thinking of buying this Esprit Large Book Case in Chocolate from Officeworks. It doesn't have as much soul as the large one made by my great uncle, but I don't have time to wait for my Dad to make me one. Lets face it, by the time he does, I will have bought even more books I will need to house! This one is only $99, and is more than 2 metres tall. I think I should get at least two. One to replace the two short bookshelves (they are cheap and nasty) and one for unshelved books and future purchases. I get paid tomorrow… I would have to rearrange my room. My desk would have to go between my bookshelf and the corner, and that would free up 2x1 metre of my room (I think). And I will have to dispose of 3 shelving units some how. I think only one would be of use to anyone else… I am planning on buying a bedroom suite with my tax return as well, so I am eventually getting rid of most of my furniture.

I really am jonesing for proper storage space. I am sick of storing books anywhere I can find some flat surfaces. It means there is no order to my room and it is driving my crazy! I have given up organising my room as it is a complete and utter lost cause. I hate feeling anxiety about my room, as it is my last refuge from the world at large. Normally I look at my books and I get a glow. As of last night, I am scared they will squish me as flat as a pancake when I am sleeping LOL I have no idea how many I have, and I REALLY don’t want to think too closely about how much I have spent on them!


Danielle Zappavigna said...

heh heh, my bookshelves are stacked horizontally, two piles deep - i can't wait until i can build my dream home with my two storey library.......

Sean Wright said...

I have 14 foot high walls, I have thought about building floor to ceiling shelves but I think the carpentry would be expensive.

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