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13 April 2010

When the budget doesn't match the desire...

I have a dilemma! I think I worked out a solution, but it wasn't easy. I give myself a budget of $AU30 a fortnight to spend on books. I don't always stick to it, as I have also translated it into a max of three books if they total more than that budget. Hell, I don’t even always stick to that when I need to feed my addiction! But when I have a tight budget, I be a good little girl and stick to my budget. The problem is that I had ordered a number of books, and by chance, they have all arrived at the same time! So I need to try and decide what I should buy.

The Desert Spear - Peter V Brett $29.99
The Riven Kingdom - Karen Miller $22.99
Silver Borne - Patricia Briggs $19.99

That is more than $70! There are others out that I want, but they can wait. Both Brett and Miller are special orders, and had a 14 day period before they get taken off hold - both came in last week, so I need to get them ASAP. Silver Borne isn't, but I need a light read as well. Both The Desert Spear and The Riven Kingdom, if their predecessors are any indicator, are likely to be lovely thick novels, so I will need something light to break up all that epic fantasy (so I keep telling myself LOL). So I am torn. Do I buy two amazing books or three?! I am meant to be going to the zoo on the weekend because Kelley is moving back to Brisbane, and I will need money for that. I also need money because my mum should be coming down towards the end of my pay period. So I can't splurge like I have been lately (like I said, I try to be good, but it creeps up over $50 a lot lately). But I really really really REALLY want to read Silver Borne! I love the Mercy Thompson series, and this is the newest, just released, book in the series.... *must read*

I HATE DILEMMAS! I hate fighting myself and being sensible. Someone buy me a book?! Or a lottery ticket LOL

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mummazappa said...

you need to get on the - so cheap it will solve all your spending dilemmas :-)

Rachel said...

Agreed. Also, Silver borne kicks arse, so read it.

obsidiantears83 said...

mummazappa, thankyou so much! i couldnt believe their prices, and that was just glancing at the front page (im at work LOL) I will definately be having a closer look. It wont stop me going to galaxy (I have an addiction, they have really good rewards system and my friends work there LOL) but this will be great for all the non speculative fiction i get! :D THANKYOU!

hehe hey Rat, i sneaked a peek at Silver Borne last night. I like it so far... damn patricia briggs.. great books (I love the mercy ones) but like all my favoured authors, she doesnt write quick enough...

I did some quick talking and marc was able to put the karen miller asside until my next pay day. It meant I could by The Desert Spear and Silver Borne... I am itching to read both of them... Both sound terrific :D I need more hours to the day LOL

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