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12 April 2010

Q and A: The First Installment

I use formspring for both tumblr (1 & 2) and twitter. As most of my friends know I am a certified bookwyrm, I have been asked a lot of book related questions (although I haven't answered them all yet). I thought that I would share any book related questions and answers here.

Whats your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
Stay in bed _all_ day, reading, snoozing and listening to the rain. The idea that I would't be at work on a rainy day is pure bliss! We had a gorgeous rainy day today, but I was in the office... Rain creates a morose type of day when you can't snuggle or dance in the rain!

You find $1000 (Don't ask where it came from, you just get $1000). What do you do with it?
I would buy a new bed and spend whatever was left over at Galaxy Bookstore!

What are 5 things you absolutely cannot live without?
Books, music, my loved ones, sleep (but doing a pretty good job of it) and the interwebs.

What is your idea of heaven?
To be a lady of leisure where I can spend all my time reading, going on archaeology digs and time to dedicate to my art (currently archaeology and art have sadly been put on the backburner - they don't fit in with my work schedule). My house would be renovated by myself, and I would have a large library room with wall to wall, ceiling to floor shelving, filled with all my favourite novels and non-fiction. I would also have an art studio that looked onto my veggie garden. My deerhound/wolfhound/dane Akasha would have run of the place and be plonked at the end of my reading couch whilst I spent hours and hours reading each day, and curled up on her own couch when I was working my studio. My friend Linda would get to baby-sit Akasha while I was travelling around Southeast Asia on archaeology excavations. I just sent myself to heaven thinking about all this and am now blissed out LOL

You can ask me more questions here:


Anonymous said...

Ooo that looks like fun! And a good idea too. Someone else I know is on there and they have been asked a lot of questions. Some pretty good ones, but they also get some very questionable, tasteless questions, but I guess that's going to happen anywhere on the internet.

obsidiantears83 said...

LOL my problem is that the few questions I have been getting require higher thought processes, so I leave them til I am not foggy or exhausted... so I still havent answered them LOL I dont have the brain capacity for philosophical questions :D ask me some? and yes, it is fun! such a big craze on tumblr right now - its good because you can't comment on tumblr, so it gives us another way to communicate. Yeah, if you get dodgey questions you can just delete them, so asside from the fact they are asked, you can just disregard them.

fun fun fun! but I thought it was about time I did something with them, asside from just dumping them on my tumblr and twitter.. so now when I have a relevent batch of questions I want to share them here..

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