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29 April 2010

I am the #7th Top User at Goodreads! :D

Oh wow! I just logged into my goodreads account and noticed the status under my picture. I am ranked Number 7 in the top users!!! Hoooollllieee sshheeett! I am sure it is just in Australia, and I did add nearly 200 books to my shelves this week, but hot damn! I am excited anyway LOL

Add me on goodreads if you are a user! I used to have all the other book networking sites, but decided that I needed to focus on just one site. I like the streamline design of goodreads, which is what it came down to. Booktagger is just all over the place, and unfortunately that overwhelmed the fact that it is Australian based and has great Australian competitions. Shelfari was a near call, but their shelves are bulky, and do not look that great when integrated into blog designs. I had others, but Booktagger and Shelfari were the only contenders with Goodreads.

Anyway, my url is if you want to compare books!

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