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19 April 2010

Tip for blogspot bloggers...

I have a tip for bloggers here on blogspot who want pretty blogs but don't have the design skills (or time) to make them.
  1. Head to
  2. Click on Layout
  3. Click on Template Designer
  4. Pick the template you like the best! You can then change the backgrounds and colour schemes quite easily
Blogger in Draft has a lot of interesting new templates, and it will help those who currently have plain blogs against their will to find a more interesting design without needing to know any coding, design or to take up valuable time fiddling with graphics and code.

Here are some quick examples for you:

It is something to think about, anyway. And if you click the little check box at the top of you will be able to use all the unreleased features every time you start a new blog from your home page. I am really liking the new Insert Picture function because it links up to my Picasa Web Album - with all the other pictures I have ever inserted into this blog :D


mummazappa said...

ok, maybe you can answer my question! i was playing around with the drafts, and all my gadgets showed up except my followers - in the draft version it says 'no followers be the first' you know? and that freaked me out! i want to take advantage of this and make some changes but can't seem to work out if my followers will all disappear if i do it! do you know if this will happen if i make the changes???

obsidiantears83 said...

Hi Mummazappa, I will quickly test it on one of my dummy pages... check back in about 20 minutes and I will have a reply for you :D

obsidiantears83 said...

Okay, I just tested it with blogs that did have followers, and blogs that didn't (I have a couple of blogs I have archived). Blogs with followers didn't showed that message, blogs without did. I went and had a look on the blogger help forum, and I can't see anywhere that people lost followers using blogger in draft. I think the gadget is separate of the template - you shouldn't have any problems with it. I can't wait to see your new design!

mummazappa said...

thanks so much for checking that out! i think i should just bite the bullet and get creating :-)

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