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22 June 2011


In the words of Amanda Palmer, fuck plan b! I've quit my day job!

So, now it is official I can tell you that I resigned from my full time job last week. I’ll be looking for part time work as I want to get back into archaeology, and I couldn’t do that when I was working 40-55 hour weeks (and being paid for 38 hour weeks).

Why is this relevant to Book Bites? Well I also want to spend more time dedicated to blogging, reviewing and writing fiction. It won’t be a walk in the park (more like a fast sprint through scrub) but I’ll be happier doing what I love. It means I won’t be buying as many books, but I have a backlog of classics on my ereader I plan to read, and I’ll be renewing my acquaintance with libraries again. I still have a backlog of books in my TBR pile that I need to sort through, and I also have a notebook full of reviews I need to type up. So Book Bites may become more busy in the next six months! I have felt guilty that I haven’t had the time or energy to dedicate myself to this blog. I love blogging and the blogging community, and I love reading and the reading community. The fact that I have had to step back from both has been depressing. But, you know, I had a salary to earn and the work of two people to do *shrugs* Life, hey?! Anyway, there are changes a’brewing!

But for now:
  • Teaser Tuesday (it is late, but I had a migraine yesterday)
  • Supanova wrap up some time this week!
  • Kylie Chan will be signing at Galaxy on Saturday, 12pm. It is now squeezed above Abbeys on York Street (a few doors from old Galaxy and there is no signage yet) and I have no idea how they will fit anyone in – new Galaxy is claustrophobic enough as it is :( But they are resourceful, so I am sure they will work something out!! :D
  • A guest post by lovely Australian author Nicole Murphy will be appearing very soon! <3

To do list:
  • Sleep for a week
  • Move my desk and organise my workstation
  • Reply to blog comments I've missed
  • Type up reviews
  • Rearrange bookshelves
  • Organise TBR pile
  • Make sure I don’t have any library fines
  • Update Goodreads (recently read books and owned books)
  • Fill in my Net Galley profile
  • Start writing reviews for other blogs (Sorry guys, life got in the way!)
  • Organise a balanced reading/writing/blogging/job search/archaeology timetable
  • Review the design of Book Bites
  • Review how Book Bites interacts with its associated sites (Tumblr, Facebook, Flickr, Goodreads, Twitter)
  • Have an awesome career in archaeology!

What do you think makes a “successful” blog? Is there something I have been doing that I should do differently? I know I haven’t been blogging much and rarely review but I plan to change those. Do you like it when I get in guest bloggers? Should I do this more often?

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