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23 June 2011

Books are my cocaine

 So I just logged into my bank account and this shit just got real! I usually have about $200 of disposable income after I pay my rent and living expenses each fortnight, and I just tucked that away somewhere safe to pay rent while I am unemployed. This leaves me with no money to buy books or go out to dinner, etc. O.O I know, I know, I knew this already... But for some reason I didn't think about that when I quit my job... I knew I would have to tighten my belt, but it didn't hit me that that meant I cannot buy ANY books for the next two months! And ebooks haven't featured in my book budget, so I didn't think of myself not being able to buy them when I felt like it. I did seriously think all these sums through! I even sat down and made lists and dusted off my calculator!! But for some reason, by logging into my bank to pay my rent today, it has really hit home... I'm poor! I can't buy books because I want them! I have to read books I already own! I have to pay my library fine! I need to start posting reviews and apply for ARCs! O.O

I know this is totally a #firstworldproblems meltdown, and I have done it tough before (I grew up quite poor, especially by Australian standards), but I have had a steady income for so long that I just didn't remember what it was like to look at a book shop and pine! I have to remember, this is better in the long run. But damn, I do so want all those books I can't afford to buy!!! D:

To deal with this crisis I plan to:
  • Pay my library fines (I am pretty sure I owe them money, anyway)
  • Start posting reviews (I have some written in my notebook which need to be typed up)
  • Fill out my Net Galley profile
  • Organise my bookshelves and decide which I can reread without wanting to shoot myself
  • Organise my slush pile and TBR pile and consider trading some of the slush with friends
  • Suss out the second hand store in a nearby suburb that Kat is always talking about
  • Read all the books I downloaded from Project Gutenberg but never got around to reading
  • Not give in to the lure of book shops! *whimpers*

Books really are my cocaine. Books are the reason I choose not to have a credit card. I just know I would convince myself that every book I pass is actually an emergency and that I must buy it. Or else. And I couldn't stop at just one! The only self control I have about books is not getting a credit card :( I've told myself I am allowed one more ebook and then it has to stop! I can't even justify a trip to Galaxy! One ebook that costs less than $5 D: I'd better make it worthy!


Monica said...

Even though it might be a bit rough, hopefully the current situation won't last too long. You've already come up with some great ideas for your reading.

Hang in there - a new job is on its way.

Max California said...

you should post up a wishlist so people can buy you presents :D

Vanyel Kane said...

I feel your pain. The title of this post says it all. Don't worry you're not alone

I overspent and told myself except for 3 books (New ones by Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews and Ginn Hale) I'm not allowed anything until I pay off my immediate debts (mid September i will be done)

Anyway look on the bright side, you have a huge TBR pile so now its finally time to catch up on them all, plus all those free ebooks. See? There is always a silver lining. Plus you would be supporting your local library and that is the best silver lining of all.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely not alone. I have a really strict book budget and a family of 6 to raise on a pitiful wage. Even though we literally ran out of money last Monday (payday this afternoon - Friday YAY) I am still debating whether to place the pre-order's I want even though I already have more books than I can read in a year (or three) waiting for me. *Sigh*

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

Marg said...

Feel your pain! When I was young and frivolous I bought books every pay day, but these days there is a kid, a mortgage, school fees etc etc. It is the main reason why I started using the library!

Anonymous said...

You can definitely survive without buying books. I haven't bought a book in a very long time, haven't been able to afford it, but I still have so much to read. None of them are my own books either.

NetGalley is an awesome idea, but you don't have to wait for a request to go through to read something. There's a lot of Read Now ones up. Some are newer, but most of them are older. Just go back a few pages (I got The Windup Girl as a Read Now).

That's how I've been surviving, NetGalley as back up, entering giveaways when I can, personal requests by authors, and joining in with blog tours.

I don't know if you've come across them, but there are also programs for readers to review for online book clubs & to review ARCs, but you're not allowed to keep them.

Good luck, but I'm sure you'll be alright.

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