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06 June 2011

Book Bites is now on Tumblr

Book Bites now has a Tumblr ^_^ It is a place for me to share and reblog quotes, book p0rn and bookshelf p0rn! Because, you know you want to… ;-p I'll still be uploading pictures to Flickr, so mostly the Book Bites Tumblr will be where I post random pictures that excite a bibliophile like myself ^_^

NB bookshelf p0rn and book p0rn are pretty pictures of the same. I don’t post any naughty pictures there – just in case you are the type to worry about that (sexy pictures get posted to a different Tumblr LOL).

You can see the new Tumblr at

What kind of pictures do you want to see there? What quotes should I add? Do you have a Tumblr obsession too?


Marg said...

One day I will need someone to explain to me what the benefits of Tumblr in addition to blogging are!

obsidiantears83 said...

I can do that in two simple words! "Pretty pictures"!

Tumblr is addictive. I joined on a whim, and it is the reason I no longer use my computer and the reason I had to give myself an internet curfew. I can sit there for hours and hours and hours, just scrolling through my dashboard or doing searches for particular topics (last night was leopard print, as you can see on my dystopiantreasures tumblr LOL).

So, Tumblr doesn't really have any benefits in addition to blogging. Some people use it as a blogging platform, but I much prefer Blogger and WordPress for blogging. I mostly use it to collect pictures, share a few videos and quotes and the like.

The thing about tumblr is you become utterly immersed in it. You can't help it. I can look at thousands of picutres in one sitting! It is just bloody addictive! I was originally posting books and bookshelf pictures to my interior design tumblr (the lady lair) but decided I needed a dedicated tumblr for them. I could have made up a new name I suppose, but instead I though I would continue to use my Book Bites branding :D

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