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11 April 2011

What Your Favorite Kids Book Then Says About You Now

According to this meme on Flavorwire, this is me as an adult:

  • There are eighteen different kinds of tea in your kitchen, and plenty of herbs.
  • You’re a compulsive traveller and manage to make friends no matter where you go. Sometimes that leads to getting locked in prison or drugged, but you can roll with the punches.
  • Your friends may be totally crazy, but you’re together enough that you can go out partying with them every night and still hold down a full-time job.
  • You’re the guy who finds a way to ruin every party.
  • You’re probably a genius by now. Or a politician. Definitely not both.
  • You’re a staunch vegetarian and have a vast wine cellar. You also have really weird prejudices against random animals.
  • You can’t stop talking about how your multi-media novel is going to be really awesome. It probably is.
  • You’re a creative gastronomist with a flexible policy on slave labor.
  • You may or may not be that lady who talks to her plants.
  • Every house you live in must be outfitted with a walk in closet. Just in case.

Actually, they aren't all that far fetched... Okay, I am not a politician or a genius, and I am not writing a multi-media novel, but everything else... well, they aren't so far fetched.

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