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19 April 2011

Bookshelf joy!

It is all arranged. I am buying a bookshelf this weekend! FTW!

I have been umming and ahhing over it for ages, but I finally lined up the budget, the transport and the time to do so. My parents will be in NSW over Easter, and I am going up to the Central Coast to spend time with them (bush walking, canoeing, driving and just generally spending some quality time with two people I love dearly but never see). Originally we were planning on them picking me up and going through Wisemans Ferry to Gosford and then up to my Grandmother’s place, but with the Sydney Royal Easter Show the traffic will be terrible (apparently). So instead I am catching a train up to them and we will start the adventures from Gosford. We have a lot of half formed plans but one I have just made my folks agree to is going to Officeworks at Gosford and buying me that bookshelf I desperately need! They luckily have a ute, so it will not be too big of a problem for them. We’ll put it in storage at my grandmother’s place while we go gallivanting, and then, on Monday night, Dad sets it up for me, and I spend Tuesday reorganising my book collection!! I am SO excited! It means I don’t have as much money as I need to go gallivanting, but well worth the effort! I am getting excited!! I have needed another bookshelf for so long, but instead I buy more books. Silly really, because this bookshelf will cost as much as five or six books really – although that does not factor in delivery and taking a day off of work for it to be delivered *shrugs* But yeay, bookshelf!!!! *squee*

If they don't have this in "chocolate" I will cry! It is 2m tall, and I plan to buy more when circumstances permit - I don't need my wardrobe or bed or anything right? I can totally just fill my room with books? And maybe a little beanbag in the middle of the floor for me to sleep and read on?

Now, the big question is, what books do I take with me?! Four days away from the internet and my book collection!! :o I think I need to find some money (or freebies) and load up my ereader as a backup plan LOL Let’s face it – I never take enough books with me when I go on holiday! ;-p

1 comment:

yusyem said...

Nice one the bookshelf!!really you need a proper bookshelf to properly arrange you book. Eyeing for bookshelf myself but thinking of getting white one from ikea.happy holiday!

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