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05 March 2010

World Book Day

Damn you America, UK and rest of the time zones!!! 4th of March was World Book Day! Its now the 5th of March in Australia. All the sites I go to are saying its today, but they are slow off the mark. Why cant they mention things the day before? It drives me insane because I miss so many things. I hate this! I love Australia, I love living in Australia, but the fact that I don't see mentions of things until the day after they would be current for Australians pisses me off! *le sigh* Yesterday (4th of March) my pet peeve was the day before (3rd of March) was Talk In The Third Person Day...... My life sucks.

1 comment:

Vanyel Kane said...

I hate this problem in particular with one day discounts and/or limited-to-hours discounts.
I was wokring on a US websites and I was constantly having to check the world time websites to fit in with the changing spot specials!

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