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11 March 2010

Book Survey IV

General book questions... 
What is the most recent book you've read, and what did/do you think of it?
A Taste of Darkness by Nina Bangs. It was a riot. For starters, Kisa turns into a sabre tooth tiger, and catnip forces the change LOL I am not sure if she was trying to be funny, but this book was hilarious… there are also the scenes on Mars LMAO

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like books/reading?
12 out of 10

Has it always been that number, or has it changed over time?
Since I got sick when I was 11 and lost the viability of a life of tomboyishness, I have been obsessed by books.

Have you ever named a pet after a character in a book? If not, would you?
Yes, quite a number actually. The first was my foal Bess, after Proud Bess, of the book of the same name. My puppy dog is called Akasha.

Have you or anyone you know been named after a character in a book?

What time of the day are you most likely to read?
Lunchtime and evening

Are you the type who reads regularly, or does the mood come and go?
Approximately 6 hours a day.

Do you find yourself easily relating to characters in books? Why/why not?
Yes, but it depends on the book and characters of course.

What books most remind you of your childhood?
Enid Blyton’s novels. Kids getting up to mischief, having adventures. In their own little worlds. We grew up on 120 acres, and me, my brother and friend next door (on 240 acres) used to run wild over our joint properties. Horse ridding, bush walking, swimming in creeks, adventuring, daydreaming and playing make believe, making cubby houses, playing with our dogs etc

How much time can you end up spending in a bookstore/library?
HOURS! I spend a minimum of an hour at a time in my bookstore each visit. Of course some of that is gossiping, but I also spend ages perusing the shelves. On a monthly basis I probably spend an average of 6 hours in the one store, then there are the retail chains I browse as well.

Are your books in good condition, or are you rough with them?
In good but well loved condition. By that I mean that I look after my books, but I am also constantly rereading them, so the spines do become creased etc.

Do you judge books by their cover?
Yes. Sometime it is a good thing, other times it isn't. I also try and buy all the same covers because I like them to match.

If you could hang out with any book character, which would you choose?
Oh dear. I have never thought about this before. This is a hard question that requires a LOT of debate. Now should I spend time with a hot juicy male character, or should I hang out with a female character I like? I reckon hanging with Tabby from the Dark Hunter’s Series would be a riot!

Have you completely read every book you own?
Apart from my To Read pile, up until a few months ago I had read all my books. But I was given a bag of SF and Fantasy that I haven't got to yet. They aren’t particularly on my To Read pile either. I think they will be rainy day books (i.e. back up for when I have read all my new books, and don't feel like rereading others)

Where do you usually get your books?
Galaxy bookstore – it specialises in SF, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal Romance. I also buy Nora Roberts books from Kmart and chain book stores. And then, when I have a day off, I browse second hand stores. I bought Nina Bangs at Vinnies for 75¢ the other day!!! :D Bargain!

Do you re-read books often?

What genre(s) are you more likely to read?
These days it is Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Classics. Previously it was also Epic and Dark Fantasy, Mysteries and Thrillers with a smattering of Horror and Science Fiction. Now it is PR, UF and Classics with a smattering of the rest.

What kind of book are you in the mood for right now?
Something trashy and easy to read. My brain is mush from all the full time work LOL

Do you like the smell of old books? Or just books in general?
Mmmmm books…..

Have you ever been so frightened by a book that you had trouble sleeping?

Has a book ever made you feel unbearably sad?

Are you comfortable with reading graphic sex scenes in books?

What is your opinion on book banning?
It is an act against free speech. It is also driven by people with agendas and they use words like “morality”, “evil” and “wrong”, phrases like “corrupting young minds”, “moral corruption” and similar. These are all subjective terms, and it is normally right wingers doing the “subjecting”. Someone would call the books I read morally depraved because they involve sex between (consenting) unmarried adults – some times with multiple partners, witchcraft and magic. Oh, and don't forget the sacrilege LOL Then again, those people also have issues with anything that isn't the bible or written by an orthodox type of Christian (or Muslim, Hindu, Jewish etc). We all have a choice to read or not to read something. If you don't like books that you disagree with, don't read them. If you don't want your kids reading Harry Potter, don't buy it for them and tell them not to borrow it from the library. Idiots. I don't want them controlling what I read. I would be left reading Pilgrim’s Progress.

If you need help with something, do you like to read instructional books for guidance?

Where do you keep your books when you're not reading them?
On my bedside table, on my bed, on my bookshelf, under my bed, in my wardrobe, on the floor – basically any surface where I can squeeze them in!

Have you ever read a book and felt like you wasted your time? What was so bad about it?
Yes. They either held no interest for me or they were poorly written.

What book do you recommend right now?
“Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins. “Mockingjay”, the third instalment that I am waiting with bated breath for comes out later this year.

Comic books/graphic novels...
Do you prefer comic books over graphic novels? Why?
I like both. Graphic novels are pretty, but where would I have been without my Phantom comics as a kid?

How long have you liked them?
Since I was about 7.

Which one is your favourite?
I don't have one, but I remember reading a Neil Gaiman one years ago I liked. I also read The Phantom, Oh My Goddess, Buffy, Angel, and a couple of other Japanese manga that I can't remember the names of. I really want to get my hands on The Crow and 300.

Are you a comic book artist, as well as a reader? If not, would you like to be?

What is your favourite thing about comic books?
The action and the artwork.

What is your favourite thing about graphic novels?
The artwork and the story

Do you search for rare comic books, or very old comic books?
No, but I like vintage things.

Do you try to keep your comic books/graphic novels in great condition, or does it not matter?
I mostly borrow them. My brother has all my Phantom comics as we used to share them.

What is the oldest comic book/graphic novel you own?

Are you quite knowledgeable when it comes to comic books? If so, where did you learn it all?

Do you think that reading these makes you a "geek"? Why/why not?
No, but I am already a nerd/geek.

What do you think of movies/TV shows based on comic books? What about graphic novels based on TV shows?
They tend to be good if they are based on a good storyline and have a good cast and crew. If the story was paltry to start with a few special effects won’t make them any better.

Are you more likely to read a comic book/graphic novel than an actual novel?

1 comment:

kate said...

six hours a day!?! wow.

i try to read every night before bed and, even though i do enjoy reading, i find it puts me to sleep most of the time so it's usually about 30 mins a day for me.

favourite book ever: the book thief.

stopping by via 20-something.

have a great weekend

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