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10 March 2010

I am on Nalini Singh's Website!!!

I just had the biggest freakiest browse through Nalini's website. She just uploaded details for the new book, so I went visiting to suss it out  and ended up looking a pretty pictures... Shock of my life when I realised I was in one of those pretty pictures!! My two friends from bookclub, Ms C and Ms T are in front of me. Ms C had just advised me to try Lora Leigh's novels, and apparently they are a guilty pleasure of Nalini's as well, as she jumped in on our conversation LOL Anyway, I am in the third photo, all in black.

Here is a screenshot of her website. I faded out a lot of photos so you could see the relevant stuff. You can go to her travel page to see all her photos.

Zoom in - can you see me? I'm the one all in black of course. Can you see the gorgeous Nalini? Okay, that's all you needed to see. I'm going off to brag to my mother now ;D

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