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08 October 2010

BTT: Travel

Booking Through Thursday asks:

When you travel, how many books do you bring with you? Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?

This is a timely question, as I just got back from a holiday. I normally take a minimum of three books with me when I travel. It depends how long I plan to be away, and if I have the funds to purchase during that holiday. My destination is also important, as I may be able to borrow books whilst on holiday.

This time I was visiting my family farm for a week. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to kick back and read (we have solar power, so I don’t get to read much of a night) and I also knew that I could borrow books from my parents, my friends or a local library if I needed something to read. I took three large books with me, borrowed a few paperbacks from my mum when I was there, and used her library card (apparently I still owe them money?) and borrowed a book I needed for book club tomorrow. I didn’t finish my books, because I felt like light reading, not the doorstoppers I took with me.

When I am visiting my grandmother for the weekend, I normally take three books. One I am currently reading at the time, one solid read and one light read. I get brainfog, so I need something to read when I can’t concentrate properly.

I am getting a Sony Reader, and I envision this will make it easier to travel! I can take hundreds of books with me and not need to worry about baggage allowance. I used to go home for 3 months at a time as a student, and most of my luggage was books. It made my bags quite heavy *snickers* When I get my shiny new toy *ahem* tool I can have more selection while on holiday. It means I won’t have the same problem I had when I was visiting my parents. The Sony Reader has a good battery life, so it won’t need power, and I can read of a night if I buy a booklight (I find them clunky when attached to books, because of the page turning and curve of the pages). I can have multiple light reads and heavy reads but only have the once item packed. It will save so much room in my luggage. The only issue I have is when I am flying. I know you have to turn off all electronic devices at certain times during the flight, so I guess I would still have to pack a paperback LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Are you excited about getting the eReader? You are aren't you? Yeah I guess it would be really handy when it comes to travel and lack of space in luggage. Perfect for someone like you who reads a lot too.

I completely forgot to answer about the eReader, but oh well. I don't see myself getting one anyway.

When will you be getting it?

This also reminds me that I found out something that might be of interest to you when it comes to getting books when you can't buy them. I'm still looking into it, but it's a place in the city that you pay $10 a year to use and they let you borrow books up to 2 months. I'll message you when I find out more about it and who they are.

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