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25 October 2010

BTT: Foreign

Booking Through Thursday asks:

Name a book from a country other than your own that you love. Or aren’t there any?

I read books regardless of the country they are written in. I love Australian authors, but I love a lot of authors who are not Australian. I pity anyone who only reads books written by their fellow country(wo)men because they are missing out on the richness and diversity that abounds in this big wide world of ours. If the last five books you have read were written in your own country, I recommend you pick the next one from another country, or even another continent. Each country has a different flavour to it's writing. This changes from author to author, but I have noticed that Australian authors have a different tone from New Zealand, English, American, Canadian, Chinese, Japanese or Lebanese authors. I will not list my favourite non-Australian authors here, there are too many. But I will mention some authors I recommend who aren't American or English that you may not have read and should give a chance:

  • Randolph Stowe - Australia
  • Isobelle Carmody - Australia
  • Charles de Lint - Canada
  • Nalini Singh - New Zealand
  • Angelica Gorodischer - Argentina

Can you recommend others?

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