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15 May 2010

Meeting some authors tomorrow - if I wake up!

I'm meeting Erica Hayes and Tracey O'Hara tomorrow!! I love Sofia, she knows the most interesting people! Tracey O'Hara came to our book club last year - such an awesome lady! I love her book, and I can't wait to read more! I haven't read Erica Hayes yet, but she has been on my TBR list for a while... I guess I am buying one of her books tomorrow LOL Downloading the prequel to her story now :) I will be taking the chap book that Tracey gave to me about six months ago to be signed as well. I just need to find it..=. I wish I could have gone to the ARRA Awards tonight, there were so many authors *dazes off into space* And the dessert was lovely according to the texts and tweets I received! Apparently I will be roped in for next year :) I can then compete in the Bling off.. I'm still not sure who won, but someone said that no one could beat Nalini Singh? She is such a classy lady that I can totally believe it! LOL


Tracey O'Hara said...

So sorry I didn't make it. I was tired and had to get back to Canberra. You can write to be on and we can discuss getting you a signed copy of that booklet :)

Anonymous said...

State of Origin Bling Off at ARRC11! :-D

I reckon Tracey won the bling off, given that she managed to recover from leaving her bling dress at home! But I'd give Sofia the sparkly eyes prize and Kate the killer heels award.

Let me know what you think of Erica Hayes's books. I love the way she writes.

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