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05 May 2010

I received a peer award

I am all aflutter! I just won a peer award from Nicole Trist :D  Thank You Nicole!!!

The tradition of this award dictates that I need to list ten favourite things and nominate ten other blogs for the award.

These are a few of my favourite things:
  1. Reading (surely this is self evident?) and the tactile nature of books.
  2. Archaeology.
  3. Live music. I love an eclectic mix of music and going to gigs and listening to live music. It doesn't have to be a big international act; I am content if it is a local four-piece playing at my local pub, or a busker at Central Station.
  4. Galaxy Bookstore. They are a bookstore that caters exclusively to the speculative fiction market, and as well as science fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative non-fiction, they also have a wall dedicated to paranormal romance and urban fantasy. They host the paranormal romance book club that I attend religiously.
  5. Akasha. She is a Deerhound x Wolfhound x Dane, and ever so cute. I just want to give her a big squishy hug! Despite the fact that she has to live with my folks, she is still my baby. She still loves listening to me over the phone. She talks to me and wags her tail, and whenever I visit she won't leave my side. I just wish I could afford to rent a house in Sydney that had a yard large enough for my puppy! It is days like that when I wish she was a pocket puppy and didn't need so much space!
  6. Art. I love either making it or appreciating it.
  7. Asparagus sushi rolls and Thai green chicken curry.
  8. Clouded leopards. My second favourite animal is the snow leopard.
  9. Environmentalism. To my knowledge, our planet is the only one that has chocolate - yet every day we do more and more damage to our planet. We just aren't thinking, dammit!
  10. Technology, the interwebs and gadgets... gimme!

I am nominating the following blogs for this award:

I am nominating these blogs either for the content, the design, the concept or just because I enjoy reading them (I will go around notifying them later today as some of them are NSFW).

Thank you Nicole!


Jovenus said...

I am over the moon!!!! Thank you!

P/s: What's NSFW?! :)

obsidiantears83 said...

Damn, I didnt have time to spam your blog and tell you! You're welcome!!

NSFW = Not Safe For Work.
^Some of the blogs are paranormal romance and have some ranchy graphics LOL

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

OMG Awesome :D Congrats and thanks you!!! :D :D :D
If I could nominate you again I totally would ;) :D

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