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07 July 2011

Travelling, so I'm off to buy a Sony Reader case with booklight...

As a change of plans, I am now going to be staying with my parents for a couple of weeks after I finish working. I am really looking forward to the peace and quiet (and puppy kisses) which I can find at the farm. I have two problems with going home to Queensland. One is I won't have internet access, and if anyone follows me on Twitter, you can see why that would be a problem! I've also recently become addicted to theforcebook, which is a social networking site for fans of Star Wars (join us!) which will be painful to abandon for any period longer than half a day. The second problem I have is our power at the farm is completely solar! I mean, yeay, us! But it also means that we have to conserve energy. All my life I have been yelled at to "turn off that bloody light and go to sleep!" ALL. MY. LIFE! And no, it wasn't so much because I was saying up until 2am reading (although I was), but that I was draining the batteries to do so. I tried everything. Torches, candles (I need 15-20 to avoid eyestrain), book lights and being sneaky. Nothing really works. But... I have an ereader! So, tonight, I am going to buy the Sony Reader case that comes with a built in book light! I don't want to clamp a generic book light onto my ereader, and although the official case is a bit expensive, I think this is the solution. I don't actually have a case for my ereader. I have a doll's rug from my childhood that I wrap it in, papoose-like, to guard it from scratches. So tonight, after work and before book club, I am going to the Sony Centre and buying this case!

And yeay, Queensland!!

I'll need to fill my ereader so freaking full of ebooks! There is NOTHING to do out at the farm except hours of reading and writing and playing with my puppy. Oh, and housework *sigh* I think I need to um.. write... *snickers* Somehow I don't think that excuse will work on my Mum.... I do plan on writing a lot though. And typing up my Nano manuscript on Mum's laptop for an hour each day. I'm getting excited!

1 comment:

Marg said...

A cover with a light was something that I knew that I would want so I bought it when I got the ereader. Oddest place I have used it - at the drive-in!

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