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20 May 2011

I am unexpectedly attending the 2010 Aurealis Awards tomorrow

I am unexpectedly attending the 2010 Aurealis Awards tomorrow night! It is very unexpected as I had decided not to go, but a friend of a friend needed to get sell a spare ticket. I may be live tweeting, I may take photos, I may glomp on certain authors if they turn up (Isobelle Carmody, Glenda Larke, Juliette Marillier and Sonya Harnett are finalists – all favourites at one point in time!), and I may hobnob with people of the Australian speculative fiction industry. Or I may hide in a corner, nursing my drink and muttering to myself… No, that is unlikely to happen, because I have a few friends attending. Worse comes to worse I will cling to Nyssa’s skirt or Mark’s coat-tails LOL (hey, don’t judge me, I am shy, okay?!)
So. Yes. It is all very sudden. One minute I am planning on spending my weekend in bed reading my way through my TBR pile and the next I get a tweet and reply without thinking things through. So, being unprepared, I have nothing to wear (some people will recognise my dress), I don’t have much money (I have money for my ticket and the train fare) and I had a last minute haircut last night and quickly touched up the purple in my hair. I also had to find a pair of shoes – luckily I found a pair that fit me and fit my budget!

This was all money meant for Supanova – I was going to buy my ticket and layby my corset. I guess I'll not buy books next week to make the difference up out of next week's pay check. I have completely broken my Doctor Who run in 2011! I had never missed an episode of New Who, but last week I was at a birthday party and missed it, and tomorrow night Nyssa and I will be iViewing it when we get back from the awards night. And you know what? I have to wait a week. I have broken my viewing streak, so I guess a few hours here and there won’t kill me *sigh* But… I wubbs the Doctor…

Anyway, I am getting distracted again.

I am going to the awards night tomorrow. Are you?

Also, it would totally be bad etiquette to lug around books and accost authors for autographs, wouldn’t it! *giggles* I’ll leave them at home… I swear!

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