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27 January 2011

What do you want to see on my blog? Advice wanted!

I have a question. What do you, my reader’s want to see on my blog? I had a period where I wasn’t posting, and now I have fallen into the habit of answering weekly memes. I met Neil Gaiman last night, and I realised I haven’t been writing about what is happening in my little nerdy life. Do you want to read my memes? Do you want to know what I am buying? Do you want to know what I am reading? Do you want to know my thoughts on issues and subjects raised on twitter? Do you want me to share all the amazing links I come across? Do you want to know more about my favourite illustrators or authors? The news items I find and the videos and pictures related to books that I come across? I haven’t been reading blogs for about three months and I have found that if I am not reading blogs that I am not thinking about writing my own entries. I have calendar reminders for my weekly memes (which are still quite late at times due to RL) so they happen fairly regularly. I love blogs, I love reading and I love writing. I love Book Bites, but I just haven’t dedicated enough time to her lately. Mostly when I get the urge to blog these days, it is random crap that isn’t worth sharing. I have been posting that to twitter instead! ;-p I think that is the biggest problem. I spend so much time talking books on twitter that I feel like I have covered the bases and don’t have much more to say on a topic. I forget not everyone is on twitter… I need to change my attitude, and I think 2011 is the year for a blogging overhaul! In fact, it is one of my New Year Resolutions! So, what are your suggestions. What content should I be posting to Book Bites? What do YOU want to hear from me?

Keep an eye out. I am writing a guide to ebooks in Australia. I am just putting the finishing touches on it and will post it soon! You can find out more about my plans for 2011 [here].

I really do want your input on my blogging. I need a push to get back on the blogging wagon, and to find some inspiration again.

1 comment:

Aishling O'Neill Photography said...

I want to see more of all of the above you just said :D

Hahaha I'm sure a good help ;) :D

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