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17 December 2010

BTT: Trashy Paperbacks

Booking Through Thursdays asked:

Do you ever crave reading crappy books?

I am going to interpret this to mean “trashy” books. I don’t read books that are “crappy”. What would be the point?!? I do love my light and easy to consume trashy paperbacks however! The type of books that aren’t trying to pretend they hold the answer to the universe or win the Man Booker. Books that just want to have fun! I have been reading more and more of them in the last few years because my full time job is sucking the life and brain power out of me (it has help, but the way it is running me ragged means I am placing the blame on it’s shoulders!) and I just don’t feel like reading big serious tomes in my free time. This means I have been reading more and more paranormal romance, urban fantasy and suspense, less literature, less mysteries, less epic fantasy and less science fiction. I love being challenged, but when your brain is leaking out your ears you just want a light escape. And so I open a trashy paperback and escape for an hour or two. I still read my other genres, I still love them, still worship at the altar, I just can’t stomach them at the moment. It is like being full to bursting from eating a large salad and then seeing a table full of every single sweet and sinful dessert you have ever had, and you are salivating, getting high on the scent of chocolate and sugar, but you hold your belly and look at it mournfully, cursing fate because you just filled up on rabbit food. You love salads but you wanted those chocolates too… This is me. I love reading trashy paperbacks. I do not deny it. I think it would be kind of pretentious to do so. So yes, my name is Jacq and I read trashy paperbacks!


Sean said...

Hey i'll read most things if they are entertaining. I have had to read crap recently, tis not fun not one bit

Miss Remmers said...

I hit one of those moments recently - where I just needed a trashy romance novel to relax.

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