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15 November 2010

Book Survey X

This is stolen from my friend Dutchie's blog BookishArdour. I am on a hiatus at the moment, but I thought I would share something just because :) I need to start writing up some of my reviews soon, although I have been limiting my reading due to Nanowrimo as well. I would love to know your answers too, so leave me a link if you share this on your blog too.

How much time can you end up spending in a bookstore or library?
If I have my way, an hour or more. I tend to spend hours (plural) at Galaxy Bookshop. There are so many books I want!

Do you have a system when visiting a bookstore/library?
  • At Galaxy I go after specific books first, then I go to the new release shelves, then my genre shelves, then I check out the rest of the store.
  • At Abbeys I go to the archaeology and history section, the classics shelf, the general fiction shelves, the poetry shelves and then to the travel section.
  • At general book stores I go straight for the fantasy/SF shelf, then the classics, and then look for a new Nora Robert's novel on the romance shelf. I also love checking out the art section.
  • At libraries I look at the spotlight shelving (new release or featured books, etc.) before checking the paperbacks stands and going after specific authors in the A-Z shelves. I mostly borrow non-fiction from libraries, as my interests are fairly specialist. Archaeology books are very expensive, unless you want to buy popular market archaeology books, and they are normally non-factual or generalist information.

What book do you like to give as a gift?
Nothing in particular. If I know a friend wants something in particular I will buy it for them, or if they are into a particular type of non-fiction I may pick them up a book. However, I know I hate it when friends get it wrong when buying me books, so I tend to think my bibliophilic friends have the same issues. Instead I buy them gift certificates to book stores or buy them book-related items. I love it when I get a few certificates to Galaxy for my birthday, so I know my bibliophilic friends must think the same! :D

Do you judge books by their cover?
Yes and no. I don't think that a book will be good or bad in relation to the cover, but I am drawn (or repelled) to books because of their covers. I also purchase the nicest cover I can find for each book I buy. This is why I now buy Vintage Classics as opposed to Penguin Classics, etc..

Have you bought books based on their cover?

Where do you usually buy your books?
Galaxy Bookshop. They specialise in speculative fiction, I am friends with a lot of the customers, Count at least four of the staff amongst my friends and am part of it's paranormal romance book club. I bought a Sony Reader on Thursday, so I need to find out where to buy my paranormal romance and urban fantasy from. Galaxy doesn't stock much Lora Leigh* so I guess I will be getting those as ebooks unless I can find another store based in Australia who stocks the paperbacks. I'll be doubling up the ebooks with paperbacks when the physical copies are affordable. I bought the ereader because I can't read hard covers (hurts my hands) so this will mean I no longer have to wait more than a year for the next book in a series! :D

*I just got a tip off from Kat at Book Thingo that  Ever After sells Lora Leigh paperbacks! Yeay!

Do you prefer brand new or second hand or does it not matter?
I am not too fussed. I buy brand new these days, but that is because the books I want a new release. I still buy second hand when I see something I like. I am more interested in the words, not the appearance. I would prefer pristine condition, by my books are "loved" and I don't store them behind glass or treat them with kid gloves. I look after my books but I read them so often that they will never stay in "as new" condition. As long as a book isn't filled with someone's writing, covered in wine or coffee stains or with pages torn, I will buy it.

Online Vs Offline, which do you think is better?
I am not sure what this question refers to. Book stores? I like browsing. And I like being able to read a book straight after purchasing instead of waiting for it to be posted to me. I guess I am old school in this way. But I have bought a few books online, mostly from small specialist book sellers. I think these people deserve our support, and they are more likely to be part of a niche market, and in my own country! I refuse to buy from Amazon. They are a big bad evil corporation as far as I am concerned. I refused to buy a Kindle from them as well, because they lock everything down so they continue to have a monopoly on the market - but then they go and limit the books that non-Americans can buy!? Evil!

Do you borrow books?
Yes, and I limit to reading them at home only. This way my environment won't damage the books.

If yes, what was the last book that you borrowed?
Rosie lent me a bag of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and science fiction romance.

Do you let others borrow your books?
If I trust them to care for my books. Last year I had too many people damaging my books. I've been burnt and will no longer lend books to non-bibliophiles! I'd rather just buy them a bloody book than let them touch mine!

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