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24 September 2010

BTT: Current

Booking Through Thursday asks:
What are you reading right now? What made you choose it? Are you enjoying it? Would you recommend it?

I am a poly-reader, I read more than one book at a time, at all times. I don't understand how people can read just one book LOL I just finished reading Rachel Vincent's My Soul To Take and am currently reading Christine Warren's The Demon You Know and Terry Brook's Amageddon's Children, amongst others. I was given Amageddon's Children by a friend's housemate and started reading it because I liked the blurb and the cover. I wouldn't have bought it, but I am really enjoying it's dystopian story. I am only recently remembering how much I love dystopian fiction, so I think I will be getting back into that in the future. I would definately recommend it, from what I have read so far. My Soul To Take was quite enjoyable and I will be looking for the sequal. It is YA fiction, and rather than copying everyone else's love of vampires and werewolves (has anyone else noticed how UF and PNR for teens rarely has other shifter species?) Rachel Vincent has used celtic mythology for the basis of her story. I won't go into the details, because I think my cluelessness as to the species added to the suspense, but it was really refreshing! I had read of those supernatural creatures in celtic mythology and fairy tales, but I can honestly say I have never read of them in fiction as a main character, or even more than a passing reference! I will be reading the sequal, and it has also reminded me why I like Rachel Vincent, so I may go back to her UF series soon. I do recommend this book to others who enjoy YA fiction. I can't really comment on Chrisitne Warren's The Demon You Know, because I only started it last night, and I, it is embarrising to say, fell asleep whilst reading it. I woke up to realise there was a book on my pillow, my radio was still on, and I had eyeshadow smeared over my face. So I really can't comment on the merit of The Demon You Know ;-p


Anonymous said...

Yep I've noticed the whole vampire/werewolf un-originality in YA fiction. I'm quite sick of it. It's one reason why I stopped reading Paranormal Romance.

I might check out that Rachel Vincent one some day when I'm in a UF mood.

I've heard good things about Armageddon's Children, but refused to read it when I had a copy because Tom (remember that fella?) recommended it and was obsessed with Terry Brooks. If it's really good on the other hand...

If you want to read Dystopia maybe you should do a challenge! *wink wink* *nudge nudge* Like my challenge lol

Glad you're enjoying your books!

obsidiantears83 said...

I've decided not to do challenges anymore. I haven't been updating them at all. I've lost count of my books for them, and I haven't been writing the reviews. I may decide to take directions, but I won't be actually taking challenges. I hate disappointing myself, and the only way I can do that is by not making promises.

I read a bit of everything by choice. I am broke, I have been on a book ban for more than a month (it is driving me crazy!) so I am rereading my bookshelves. I had stopped buying soley PNR or UF and was heading back out to science fiction and fantasy. The reason I read so much of PNR and UF these days is because I don't need any brain activity. I am so out of it these days. I just can't focus. It is why it is taking me so long to get through the Terry Brooks book. I normally hate Terry Brooks and always thought he was very formulaic. I picked this up because Bernie's housemate gave it to me in a bag of books when they moved, and I needed something to read (I am having Galaxy withdrawals!!). It is nothing like I have ever read of his before. I only picked it up originally because I liked the cover. I will tell you if I recommend it for you. I understand not reading it because of Tom LOL If you do decide to read it, I will lend you my copy, so then you won’t need to own a Terry Brooks novel!
I got a bit sick of Rachel Vincent, but I think that is because I was only reading about shifters at the time. She writes an adult UF series about a pride of cat shifters, and while I liked it, I did get bored. But I tried to reread them all before I read the fifth one, and that is when I stopped. I had started a new author then, and that contributed to my putting away the series. I still like them though… I love how refreshing her YA series is – it was completely unexpected!

I’ll have a look at your Dystopian Challenge, but I may just give it lip service LOL

obsidiantears83 said...

For any of my interested readers: Dutchie's Dystopian Challenge for 2011

Anonymous said...

I completely understand which is why I stopped doing them for so long because sometimes it's just too hard to keep up with them, especially if you're the type of person who reads by feeling. You can be in the mood for those books when you sign up for it, but not necessarily later on.

That's why I've created challenges I know I'll do and have to do with books on my shelf. It also starts at 5 so I don't feel bad about it. Easy peasy for me lol

I could just imagine how crazy you are going at the moment. That's quite a long time for you. Have you ever thought of joining something like Slim Ink? It's an Aussie book rental company. Then again for a voracious reader like you it might not be any good (I just looked at prices and $60 is the most books which is 12 at a time). There must be a solution for you! Maybe there is a book swap club in your area or something.

Yes let us know if it's any good. I've always been curious, but just couldn't bring myself to read it with only one recommendation.

And I understand easier reads. It's why I keep going back to YA and was reading mostly YA last year because even when you feel like a more thoughtful read sometimes you just can't. It's a shame sometimes, but as long as we're still enjoying what we're reading who gives a crap.

Thanks for sharing the challenge too :) I think I'm more excited about the banners rather then the challenges lol

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