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20 July 2010

Trip to Galaxy & Abbey's, Peter V Brett booksigning in Sydney!

I am heading into Galaxy after work tonight. I really need something new to read. I love pay day! I have to remember to duck across to Abbey's and pick up a copy of On The Road by Jack Kerouac for the new book club. If you are in Sutherland Shire, or there abouts and are generally a bookish person, and want to discuss books with us, let me know. We each pick a book a month, and aren't limited to a genre. Anyway, first meeting is next month. So I need to pick up a copy of On the Road. What's the bet I forget to go to Abbey's again? I get distracted by Galaxy too much *sigh*

I am not quite sure what I am buying at Galaxy tonight. I haven't anything pressing to get, just a lot of books I would like to get. Wish me luck! I am going through a book drought, and I really need something to read... I have been chowing down on my Nora Robert's collection for something to do... I really need some fresh meat!

Other news: According to VoyagerBooks on Twitter, Peter V Brett will be at Galaxy on September 8th, after 5pm! I am still annoyed Galaxy doesn't have twitter and can't tell me themselves, but anyhoo... YEAY! Peter V Brett!! I can't wait! So I need to buy a hard cover of The Desert Spear, and make sure my ARC of The Painted Man is in good condition... and get a new paperback copy of The Painted Man for future reading. I am very excited! I got an ARC from a few years ago, and I was hooked! Bonnie did too, and now we are both staunch loyalists when it comes to Pete.

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